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The database is still pretty empty. For the moment it is only possible to search for items. I am going to add more content within the next days !

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Guide: Early Titles

by Sascha » 2018-05-15 12:59:14
Some titles that you can easily obtain before reaching level 20 and are worth the extra effort !

Cleared 100 districts at rank S+:

Elite Rank Holder

Best to achieve in Control Zone 43 EP1 Manic
Pros: The Boss drops Icon of Weapon Upgrade Chip 5938 Weapon Upgrade Chip and Grutins spawn frequently. Like 1 every 4-5 runs.

Failed 30 upgrade attempts:

Tenacious Seeker

Failed 70 upgrade attempts:

Unique Lame Duck

Failed 150 upgrade attempts:

Semi-invigorated Weakling

Buy cheap equipment and dismantle it to obtain Aethar.
If you need Dzenai, sell your Icon of Weapon Upgrade Chip 5938 Weapon Upgrade Chip .

Buy cheap excellent weapons for your char and try to upgrade those to +6.
If you got multiple weapons of the same level at +6, try to upgrade one to +7.

Used the Market 1,000 times:

Ostentatious Emperor

1000 items is a lot but you can buy ANY cheap item. If you buy Equip for Aethar, this will be a piece of cake.

The following titles are not that fast to get but build up on your current ones:

Failed 300 upgrade attempts:

Epic Failure

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