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Guide: [PvE] Lv.55 Haru

by Ephenda » 2018-05-11 05:24:04
Welcome to Haru PvE guide,I hope you can find useful things and some answers. ^^
At the begining,this guide is not explaining Haru's skills or general capabilities.If you are new to Haru,please read first the beginner guide.This guide is based on my personal opinions and experiences,please do not hesitate to commend if you are thinking different or have a questions.

Important Stats

Haru is a multi-task class.What is it mean?She can do single target damage output,can do fast room clear,can buff the allies and can be off-tank.When she compared with other classes she is not best of anything,but she can do all of it.So at this point stats are matter to what you want to do more often to other tasks/roles.
If you wanna a high single target damage output,you need a 'Armour Break' - 'Crit Damage' - 'Super Armour Break' also at least %25 'Crit Rate'
If you wanna fast room clearing(AoE damage),you need a 'Attack Speed' - 'Armour Break' - 'Crit Rate' and also 10k+ 'Crit Damage'
If you wanna be off-tank(actually not preffered role at usual),you need a 'Max HP' - 'Damage Reduction'(not Damage Reduction:Basic/Boss) - 'Stamina' and also 'Evade'

Getting all this stats at the same time is so hard,even close to imposibble.As a Haru player,im using hybrid stats of AoE and Single-target stats.But focusing one of them is also very good and usefull.And after this point I will focus on AoE Haru and Single-target Haru.

Super Armour Breaking

Haru has highly super armour break.Specally with
Storm Strider
Upswipe 1
Ground Pound
Strike Storm
Bolt Waltz
When you fighting single targets(Bosses,midi-bosses) you need the break their super armours before using high damage capability skills.Of course not just this ones have super armour breaks from Haru's skills. But this three skills have more efficient super armour break when compared to other skills.

Single-target fights

-If your target is stable or just doing little steps,dont forget to use your buffs
Arena Storm
Blow Up

After using 'Blow Up' you have 20 seconds to burst.While have a buffs starting with
Slash ’n Dash
Burn 3
is a good decision.This skill has a good burst and DoT after that.
While boss under burn effect you have a time for charging
Wind Rupture


After that using your ultimate skill
Rain of Blades
is give you a high burst damage output.
-If you have a more mobile target,use your buffs before start to damage output.
Against to mobile targets,starting with 'Wind Rupture' is good idea,because until finishing the 3rd charge,you can aim the boss or it's running path.Specially at mobile targets,breaking super armours can be a nightmare for Haru.If you and your team decided to burst at starting you can pass the super armour break phase and start to your burst damage.

Room Cleaning(AoE fights)

If your targets mostly dont have super armour,
start with getting them to you.
After they gathered using
is give you great SF regen and flight them up.So it means every hit after that skill,count as a 'Aerial Hit' and they are taking extra damage.
Personally im using
after SoulStrike because if I dont use while they are on ground,that skill pushing them forward.Also using using Bladequake's stun Soulplus
is usefull,for using while mobs in the air,because they are going to CC chain.
If you think you have enough damage output and attack speed for charge enough fast,you can use Wind Rupture as well.



For haru SF regeneration is very important,specially if you using your skill combos on Cooldown Reduciton(highly preferring). Icon of Grand Blaze Taifon 3870 Grand Blaze Taifon Icon of Chaser 1112 Chaser Icon of Chaser 373 Chaser Icon of Ava 829 Ava

Second important thing is dodging for haru.She is mostly close combat class.Even with Big Plastica,she is still need to get close to her foes when cooldown reset buff finished. So at this state,she need a stamina regeneration too. Icon of Selected Skitter 445 Selected Skitter Icon of Blazing Megiddon Rage 992 Blazing Megiddon Rage

As I mentioned above,you need some specific stats to fit your aim.At sometimes you need a crit rate,and sometimes attack speed as well. So Shade and Dark Gauntillus is pretty good for this requirements. Icon of Shade 6057 Shade Icon of Dark Gauntillus 965 Dark Gauntillus Icon of Dark Gauntillus 1663 Dark Gauntillus

Also some passive buff akashas is working,and im using in sometimes too.You can use them if you think you need extra damage,crit rate etc. Icon of Starry Forest Squad 3345 Starry Forest Squad Icon of Shadow Dancer 1700 Shadow Dancer


This actives are require for every class in-game.They not special for haru,if you have this akashas you can use on every class.
No.1 - Big Plastica Icon of Big Plastica 10298 Big Plastica : Let explain this akasha as I can ^^
Every ball is seperate then others.When you hit a any ball and its destroy you receive a buff.There different buffs exist. Attack speed,Attack Damage,Cooldown Reset. Golden Yellows means Cooldown Reset,Grey and Sapphire Blues means Attack Speed and Red ones Attack Damage.
Lets think you have 2 golden balls. If you destroy one ball and take the buff,you can go to other one,hit to golden ball,and use your skills while waiting for to destroy. Just one hit is enough to destroy,but destroy delay is random.They can destroy immideatly or can destroy after 2-3 seconds)
Also golden yellow balls only exist after grade 2 Big Plastica.

No.2-3-4: 900 g Grutins - Rita - Black Top God

900 g Grutins Icon of 900 g Grutins 8407 900 g Grutins : This akasha summon little angry Grutins to your location.Even with a sword! Quite cute and useful! At Hidden and rank 3 you are summon 10 grutins.

Rita Icon of Ice Maiden Rita 467 Ice Maiden Rita : Rita from the High Society of Candus City ^^ She is beating with golds.Yeah in the first mean. This lady,summon circles and send explosive gold coins. She has quite good damage. That circles's area is expand with her rank.

Black Top God Icon of Blacktop God 4111 Blacktop God : This is actually Asphalt Golem,and saying God is not wrong to this mate. This akasha is taking all aggro in the area except the boss. Even the mini and midi-bosses effect this taunt. Specially at Golden Citadel,this guy and Big Plastica is making very good combination.

Other useful active akashas:
Tempter's Gravel Icon of Tempter's Gravel 562 Tempter's Gravel : This akasha summon a bless stone and its giving invulnurable buff to around and at higher ranks attack and freeze around enemies. Its very expensive not necessary if you trust your reflexes.
Fire Stream Battalion Icon of Firestream Battalion 1341 Firestream Battalion : This akasha summon a Steel Shinobi and while shinobi active he is giving random buffs to you.But this is not the main thing of this akasha. While that shinobi on the field,he is taking ALL damage you take. You can see yourself as taking damage but he is absorbing all damage. But he has a HP even if you cant see,if you take to much damage,he will dissappear instantly.
Hel & Selene Icon of Hel & Selene 4236 Hel & Selene : This akasha is quite helpfull too. Supeer effective for healing for hard positions. Summoning Hel & Selene and heal all team players in range. At hidden and rank 3 healing %50 max HP. As a Haru dont forget,healing is not your main role.This akasha is only for the emergencies.

Last Edited on 2019-08-19 20:42:54.


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